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“The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it.”
– C.C. Scott

Long, dry spell

It’s been a while since I’ve documented my journey. Always hoping it will come to an end. Today, however, I’m sitting in the waiting room of the radiology department at Rush, awaiting an ultrasound. I’m losing feeling in my right hand. Like a numbness. Sleepiness. Dullness. I’ve had an Xray of my neck. Next is ultrasound of my arm. Try to see if there’s a blockage.

We’re ruling out a blood clot. Oncology doesn’t think it’s drug related. Could be surgery related. Might be from PT. Could be pinched nerve. Might be blood clot. For all that’s happened to me on my right side, it seriously could be anything. All concerned agree this is the best next step.

Will have results tomorrow.

Treatment ended last week. Was bittersweet. My super-dooper-amazing-human nurse Christie showered me with gifts and treats. Bill came down for the day and we had a lovely champagne lunch with lobster rolls and then spent the afternoon taking a very much needed rest.

I have many adventures planned. I spent a long weekend with my brother and his family in California. My sister came too. A few days from now I’ll be in Arizona with my college roommates, celebrating in the sunshine. In March I’m off to see my Dad on the Texas coast. Plus a fantastic local celebration with pink drinks and lots of dancing. Potentially Harry Potter land in May. We’ll see. Bill will probably kill me with all my disappearing acts.

Hoping there’s a reason behind this strange sensation.

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