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“The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it.”
– C.C. Scott

PT is good to me

Recovering very well from the ovary removal. Started with a flood of bleeding, probably my last period EVER, but it’s slowly going away. The surgery itself feels a bit like cramps. A little bit of stomach pain, nothing horrible. I have a follow up with GYN/ONC surgeon next week.

They said “Immediate menopause.” Nothing yet. No raging bitch or streaming tears. No firey hot nights or days. I’m sure it’s coming. But nothing to report, yet.

Physical therapy started yesterday. It felt so good. She pushed and pulled my arm around, looking for it’s resistance points. Took measurements. Massaged a little. I felt great walking out of there. I have PT twice a week for 4 weeks. Should see some improvement by the end. Looking for full range of motion in my right arm and little or no pain in my neck. My skin all around my right chest is so tight from being sewn and resewn together. There is a lot of scar tissue. I babied the whole side for so long I’m a little lopsided now. The PT says I’m resilient and will respond well to therapy. Bring it.

Tomorrow is infusion day. It’s also 6 months post-surgery follow up with Dr.M’s office, from the primary breast removal. 6 months. Seems like 6 years ago. I was also supposed to have a bone density scan done, but it’s been postponed until my next infusion. The machine is broken, apparently.

Now that I’m officially post-menopausal I will be given a new drug to suppress estrogen, tomorrow. I was originally given Tamoxifin. But that made me a little nuts-o. This new drug is for the post-menopausal crowd. So we’ll see how I adjust to that. So far, my body hasn’t caught on that there aren’t any little estrogen factories in my body any more, hopefully this drug doesn’t highlight that fact.

Seems I’m always an experiment, doesn’t it? Feels that way too. But now, I can see the path to healing in front of me, for the first time ever, I can actually see the end of it all.

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