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“The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it.”
– C.C. Scott

Chicken cutlet

We’ve applied for new insurance through Bill’s company. Submitted it today. If accepted, we will be saving money, ultimately as a family, and my treatment should cost us a whole lot less next year. Thousands less, actually. Obamacare served me well, and though it just attempted to screw me, we’ve dodged a huge bullet, thanks to the kind folks Bill works with. I’ll be staying at Rush. Finishing out treatment. Finishing reconstruction. Keeping all of my doctors. Relief.

Sadly, I’ve lost so much sleep over this situation, it’s unhealthy. But I’m hopeful we’ll be accepted without issue, and back on to the healing process.

My next hurdle is ovaries. Being removed Dec. 9th. Out patient. Immediate menopause. Fun Christmas!




I am healing nicely from my last surgery to heal the open wound in the stitches. I have very little skin/tissue left and it’s tight. I started exercises to increase my mobility, and that’s helping. I have a funny looking hole now, where the original tumor was and the surgery caused a cone like point towards the front of my body, that looks like a little mini boob. It’s not my favorite. I can live with it. I got a prosthetic to help hide it. It works. Super awkward to wear, but again, I’ll get used to it. They gave me a prescription for new bras that hold such a thing, but I haven’t had the energy to focus on that yet.

Looking for a golden retriever / mix for the kids, if you know of any… We are loving the Ginger Dog who visits us often, and it’s time to have a permanent family member, for mom’s mental health.

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