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“The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it.”
– C.C. Scott

No more drains

img_9366I’m only 9 days out of surgery, but the fluid build up was not enough to keep the last drain in. Had it removed today. The lovely Miss Blair went along to hold my hand. The fabulous Miss Jenn was there Monday to do the same. Neither fainted.

I’m trying my damnedest to stay still. Be chill. Sit and rest. Not my greatest strength. I had to cancel my trip to Jamaica, at the encouragement of my doc. Was supposed to leave Sunday, return the following Saturday. But, with healing wounds, no sea water or chlorine for me – much less sand or sun for my radiated skin, what was the point, really? A little time away with some of my most favorite friends would have been nice. But I know we’ll get together again, and have much more to celebrate when my doctor’s visits are far behind and only future travel awaits. Plus, my sister has promised me a trip to Bali. So the decision became a little less painful.

We did have a nice gathering for Halloween, as is tradition. And I barely lifted a finger. Many thanks to all who cleaned up the non-sense. It was really nice to have us all together for a little bit.

I’m coveting my right side, the surgery side, it’s tender. Once in a while there is a little pain in my back. Dr. K (Plastics) thinks it looks good. There’s a thin purple line all along my incision – now covered with glue – it’s on there for good. Kinda my own little tattoo of sorts. He said they’d peel that off eventually, but not for a few weeks. I’m just in a cotton cami, no bandages or pressure. I’m comfortable.

I don’t have to go back for 2 weeks, unless something funky happens with pooling fluid, or a fever. It’ll be the longest stretch I haven’t seen Nurse Shelia or Dr. K in two months. I’m off antibiotics as of today, but am still taking the pain meds to sleep at night. Nurse Shelia joked she’d be hearing from me 15 minutes after I walked out the door. She’s probably right. I get a little overworked sometimes with questions. They’re good to me.

Tomorrow is infusion day at Rush and I have an echocardiogram to check for valve damage to my heart. I moved my oopherectomy to Dec. 9th. May move it further back, per Dr. Plastic’s advice, wanting me to really, really heal this time. We no longer have to combine surgeries, since I had this last procedure done, hopefully I won’t need more on the plastics side until we make a decision on rebuilding or removing the other expander. There’s a lot of time for that.

I have to find new insurance. Rush won’t accept my Obamacare coverage next year. I’ve got to find something they will. Not a lot of options for the self employed. It’s pretty nerve wrecking. Bill and I are trying to figure out who knows more than we do about how we can make something work. Changing doctors now, for me, would be devastating.

Loving watching the leaves change. Some nice warm fall days have been a treat, too. Thank you to so many friends and neighbors for helping us cart the kids around. Another 3 weeks of no driving is really taxing on commuting everyone, everywhere.

It’s Bill’s birthday tomorrow. If you see him send him a shout out. We’ll spoil him some at home too, but he loves to hear from folks on “The Day of Bill.” There’s clearly too much focus on me.


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