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“The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it.”
– C.C. Scott


Home and resting. Really resting. No lifting, housework or exercise. Just resting. Reading. Unburying my emails.


Here’s how I came home from the hospital. There’s really nothing left on the right side now. The incision goes around almost to the start of my back. Small thin line. My muscles, or maybe it’s my skin, twinge a little, now and again, but it’s bearable. I have no bandages. Just wearing a cotton tshirt with nothing else. I still have the 2 drains dangling off my side. I’m weening off the narcotics, moving to Tylenol, as needed. Using the Valium. Still on antibiotics and a probiotic. Pooped finally today, which seems trivial, but holy cow what a relief. Sleeping really, really well.

Our dearest friend Noelle has just had her own double mastectomy. (Stage 1. Prognosis is excellent). She’s home for a month recovering, too. We spent the day together with our drugs and our drains, letting her mom pamper us. It was special. Rare. Sort of unbelievable, really. Her mom is a survivor, almost 10 years. So many survivors. We look horrible, here, but we’re cured. And the cure isn’t always pretty, for which I am living proof. What’s really important is healing. And that’s where we are now. Healing. Together.


I’ve been guest blogger for my long time friend Drew’s company, this last month. My latest entry is about the mindfulness course I’m taking at the Wellness House. It’s been a great help to me in this journey, even in the short time I’ve been practicing. Even if you stink at sitting still, check out the links below – at the end of the post – sometime when you feel you need a little balance in whatever you are facing. It’s really a nice treat.

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