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“The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it.”
– C.C. Scott

Let it out

The plastics team saw me Wednesday instead of Thursday. On Tuesday, just before getting in the shower, as I was peeling the bandage from the open wound, I sprouted a stream of serum. Same clear, chicken broth colored fluid as before, but it was flowing out of me like a spring. I soiled a towel. I still managed to get in the shower, a little shaky, but washed the serum off my stomach, cleaned the site and got out as quickly as possible.

I texted Nurse Shelia to let her know what I was dealing with and she made space for me the Wednesday schedule. When I showed up, both she and the doctor saw me, and agreed it’s all better out then in. The fluid I’m producing has to come out before I can heal, and this opening in the stitches is helping facilitate that. They asked that I continue to keep it clean and dry and start to massage the wound area toward the opening in the stitches to get the fluid to come out. The hope is that if I can get the fluid out, the skin can fuse and stop producing pockets of fluid.

Ironically, or not, the position I sit in on my “workspace” on the couch is ideal for extracting fluid. I’m a little hunched, a little slouched, a little compacted, and have an excellent light. So today I spent a good 20 minutes soaking through my pads. And by pads, I mean pads. As in MAXI PADS. Which are the ideal for absorbing fluid and I’ve run out of the surgical pads from the hospital. Very MacGyver.

I had a great week, regardless. I was a guest blogger for my good friend’s company’s breast cancer initiative. I celebrated my amazing friend Carmen’s humanitarian award – she’s a judge in Chicago who gives more of herself then there are hours in the day. I made a new friend, Maria, who’s mother passed away from breast cancer nearly 30 years ago. Together we are going to try to bring healing / coping / options to youth who suffer loss or distress from a parent who has cancer. And tonight I applied for a course in Mindfulness healing. At the suggestion of my confidant Liz, worried for my well being after countless setbacks, I investigated integrative medicine. I found a course at the Wellness House, Thursdays for 8 weeks, but I have to be accepted to attend. I’ll find out tomorrow. Mindfullness Stress Reduction is a course using meditation to help reduce anxiety and depression, be present and manage stress. I hope I get in. Priority is given to people in treatment, so there’s hope.

Plus, tomorrow I will to see my sister, spend the weekend with my dad in the northwoods and play with my cousins.

Here’s to the holes healing, skin fusing, fluid drying, finding calm in the moment and always having something to look forward to.

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  1. Janet

    Sorry to hear still having issues with drainage, but on the positive side sounds like you have some exciting things ahead of you, classes, ways to help others who are or have been hit with this cappy disease in one way or another.

    Looks like you had a great weekend with family, you so deserve it!

    Keep your chin up and continue to move forward with a positive attitude! Love ya!

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