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“The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it.”
– C.C. Scott

Adapting to change


I finally had infusion today. I had to be “front loaded” again, as I’d missed Herceptin for more than a week. Today’s infusion became 1.5 hours of Herceptin and just half hour of Perjeta. I am super psyched my sister came for the weekend and was able to stay with me through today to get me to and from treatment. We met with the oncologist and she’s prescribed Tamoxifin as a long term hormone inhibitor, until I have my ovaries out. Once I become post-menopausal they will give me a different drug better suited for that stage, for the next 10 years of my life. Christy, my oncology nurse was able to rearrange my infusion schedule to get me back on Thursdays, realign my Gyn/Oncology meeting for an infusion day and get me back on track.

Afterward I caught up with Sheila, my plastics nurse, to have my drain taken out from the surgery site. Actually made me a bit queezy. They had about 5 inches of tubing along the base of my former implant, it took my breath away when she pulled it out. I got a chance to see what an implant looks like/feels like. And also see what the expander looks like. I still have an expander in me on the left side. This is what they took out on the right, from the infection that happened after radiation. The metal circle is where they did the filling – it’s what that little magnet goes searching for. The expander has a weird texture on it, and feels very, very thick. It’s hard to believe they thought it could be compromised. Seems industrial to me.


My incision site is still very sore. I’ll have the stitches out late next week. I’ve gotten approval to stop with the ace bandage around my body, and find a tight / compression bra to replace it. The scar will be a bit lumpy and bumpy, but appears to be healing fine. I’m to just keep it clean and dry and come back late next week to have the stitches out – unless I begin to fill again – which is cause for immediate ER trip. I’m getting used to the missing space on my front a little more each day. The bandage helps. I think it’ll be strange when there’s no more wrapper on me.

Special shout out to my sister for hanging around for the long day at Rush, and driving the kids and I all over this weekend, as I still don’t have my approval to drive. We managed to get to the apple orchard, which was crowded, but fun.


And the Mizwicki’s sent this lovely bouquet of treats for us – hit the spot – and so beautiful. I managed to cut them up individually so I could try more then one. Looks a bit like an autopsy now.


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  1. Janet

    So happy that your sister was able yo come in and spend time with you and the family! I know it meant a lot to you! Wishing only better things for you moving forward! Love ya!

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