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“The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it.”
– C.C. Scott

Home, again

I got home yesterday around noon. Spent most of the day sleeping. Regrouped with my people. Susan brought dinner (Thank you!!) and I went back to bed. The hospital is no place for rest. Woke this morning rested but still groggy. Very sore. I have a drain in the incision site on my right side, and am bound up with tight bandages. Not a lot of drainage – 20 cc yesterday – 10 cc this morning. Nurse Bill handling his duties with precision and care, and a few choice f-bombs to keep it real.

Tomorrow we will check in with Dr. K. and get a peek at what they did to fix all the issues. It’ll be too soon to talk about what happens next. Only healing is in the immediate need category.

I dropped a line to my radiologist, who is still on vacation. So much has happened since I saw her last, I figured she’d like to know. Since I’m all bound up until further notice, I can’t see her until plastics gives me the thumbs up. I gave her team access to my Rush records so they can catch up.

No driving or lifting anything for two weeks. Miss Jeanne put the meal train in motion – thank you – so we’re in good hands for a few weeks. A little bump in the road. Technically it’s a little bump no longer in the road. Perhaps there’s a prosthetic in my future. We shall see.

Here’s to better days ahead.

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