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“The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it.”
– C.C. Scott


I showed up for infusion, flashed a couple of photos of my infection around, and got myself admitted for the next four days. Face plant.

They aspirated 400+ cc of fluid from the right breast mound. That’s a little bit more than a can of coke. My expanders have 450cc of saline in them, so on the right side I was at least double the size of my left, literally.


They sent the chicken-soup-looking serum to the lab to try to see what type of bug is in there. It’ll take 48 hours to get the cultures to grow. So I’m here at least until Saturday. More likely Sunday, and that’s only after we see the response of the fluid release (does it fill back up?) and when we know if the fluid in there could have compromised my expander, in which case I’ll be in here a whole lot longer to have it removed.

Today I have no concrete news. I’m in no pain. I have no fever. And I have very little sensation at all along my incision site, scar and this behemoth hematoma looking monster infection. The liquid they withdrew was clear – a good sign. And I’m getting intravenous IV of antibiotics, through my port – which has to help. I’m a little bewildered how I got here, but I’m glad it’s being taken care of. And my boob shrunk to half it’s size – a very welcome release in tension.

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