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“The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it.”
– C.C. Scott

Burn, baby, burn


Day 10

I’m fried. Every part of my skin that has never seen the sun is the deepest color of burgundy. This is underneath my right breast. Underneath my arm pit is equally as dark. Very tender. Some blisters. Some seepage. Some discomfort.

Today Dr. K saw me in the radiation room to check the open wounds. She suggested taking Norco to sleep, as I’m super uncomfortable on either side, when I sleep. She said it’s all very normal. This week will be the last of the overall area exposure. Next week they will concentrate the beam on my scar only, which should give all the overly exposed skin some relief.

Today is registration for Madison’s sophomore year. Next weekend she starts driver’s ed. 9 more radiation sessions, until I can put this phase behind me. Infusion this week, Thursday. Seems like the infusion every three weeks passes more slowly with radiation everyday. I don’t see the oncologist again until September. We will start planning the balance of my surgeries then.

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