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“The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it.”
– C.C. Scott

Day 34

Let’s count backwards. The next 33 weekdays I’ll be receiving radiation. Today didn’t count, but I sat on the bed, in my mold, and let them readjust, scribble new marks, and practice on my naked body.

For the bit of time I can see anything in front me, for the total of 3 minutes I’m being blasted, this will be my view. Today I stared at it for 20 minutes.


The bed I’m on moves around, up and down. The machine moves around me in an open circle, coming closer, moving farther, standing still. Then some big, hunky guy named Earnest, helps me off the table, rewraps my exposed parts and high-fives me for sitting still.

Fortunately my arms are working well. I’m able to hold them over my head for 20 minutes without issue, and without discomfort of any kind. I haven’t started physical therapy yet. I do continue to walk the walls as the plastic surgeon showed me. It’s helping.

Ray Ray made the All Star team for 10U. We’re busy watching him enjoy himself and his teammates. I bought my first pre-made meal from Whole Foods. Smells fantastic. Will report back. And Madison is cleaning her room for the first time since she moved in there. Someone should check the temperature in hell. I think it’s dropped a few degrees.

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