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– C.C. Scott

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Five weeks post op today. Still feeling pretty good. Still having trouble sleeping / getting comfortable. Hair and nails are beginning to come back to life. Looking very half & half on the hair color. Dark but also very grey.

I had my second fill today. That could be it until after radiation. Spoke with Nurse Sheila about how it goes from here. Three weeks after I finish radiation, I will return to their office (Plastics) to finish out the fills (can accommodate 100cc more total) and start consulting on the sculpting phase of the reconstruction.

We wait at least 4 months after radiation ends, before this implant/sculpting phase can start.

There could be multiple surgeries in the sculpting phase. Initially they will remove the expanders (what I keep having filled) and put in a permanent implant to the size of my liking. That’s outpatient. After that, there is some extra skin around my incisions on my “breasts” and along my sides that needs to go away, and each may be their own mini outpatient surgeries. I’m not symmetrical either, which is because they took so much more content from my bad side than my good one. Could take a few of these “little” visits to get it looking as “normal” as the new normal can get. It might be surgery … heal … surgery … heal … surgery … heal when comes time for all of that. Makes me wonder if I really need boobs at all. Shelia said it’ll be a solid 2 years before I start feeling normal. Implants are softer. Nerve endings will be healed, etc. by then.

My physical therapy consists of climbing up the walls with my hands, both forward and sideways. 4 times a day. It feels fantastic. And my mobility range seems great, to me. I have ZERO sensation under my armpit on the tumor side. And the weird chaffing sensation is slowly fading.

Tomorrow I’ll meet a second radiologist, much, much, much closer to home. If we click she’ll either have me finish out my last two fills before I start radiation, or we’ll just jump in and get started on this next hurdle.

More tomorrow.

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