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“The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it.”
– C.C. Scott

I’m free!


Last two drains came out today, along with all the sterie (sp?) strips covering my incisions. Miss Noelle came with to hold my hand while they pulled the tubes out. What a relief – I can now sit in any position without worrying about popping those grenades of body fluid open all over everything. Remarkably freeing and one of the last visible signs of this ordeal.

Couple little tidbits –
– no driving for another month
– No lifting, pushing, pulling, or reaching over my head for 2 more weeks.
– Physical therapy starts in two weeks.
– I do get to stop the antibiotics.
– I haven’t worn a padded bra, I don’t think ever – but holy shit they work.
– I’m healing beautifully, sleeping better.
– Have stopped taking the narcotics. But continue to switch between tylenol and ibuprofen as needed.
– My skin does not like the anti-bacterial soap anymore – but Nurse Shelia said 3 more days should do it, that’s all the time my body needs to heal the tube’s openings (who knew?).

Thursday of next week I have infusion at Rush. Will see the oncologist to go over the path report in detail. Will meet the surgeon to get script for physical therapy. Will meet the radiologist to figure out that whole business and then will get a night or two with my dad, sister and bro-in-law before they all head off to the beach for a week and leave me with the Ginger dog-face.

I’m going to ask the radiologist to let me postpone that treatment until the fall, if possible, so I can get the complete fills in my new boobs without interruption and so I can have some semblance of summer and walk away from all of this treatment for a little while. We’ll see. Not sure if there is a sense of urgency or not, where that phase is concerned.

Thanks for all the love.

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