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“The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it.”
– C.C. Scott

Excellent news

Tonight Dr. M called with wonderful news. The 18 lymph nodes she removed from my armpit were ALL benign. Which is the best possible news we could ask for. I called my dad first and we both couldn’t talk as the good news sunk in. Let’s hope this means my chances for recurrence have just dwindled to nothing. She also said she didn’t get near the axcilla vein when she removed them, which also betters my chances of NOT getting lymphedema in my arm.

Recovery at home is slow going, but good. The pain is consistent but tolerable. The incisions are clean and dry. I’ve had daily help showering and redressing the wounds, thanks to Susan and Bill. They asked me to keep it up daily and use antibacterial soap in the process. I feels great to let the water soak my head and back. So refreshing.

Lots of stop ins and check ins to make sure there is food, water and even kleenex and straws – which makes sipping from bed so much easier.

I’m still tender and tight everywhere. Have very little sensation under my arms near my armpit or around my back. Feel tight across my chest and consistent pressure like a heavy weight or backpack is strapped to me. I’m sleeping propped up on pillows at a slight incline with my arms slightly elevated, just incase of drainage needs. It’s working. I wake like clockwork for the pain meds, as though they are lightly taping me in the night and calling my name.

The drains are beginning to lighten up their flow. On Thursday we’ll find out how many I can have removed. The plastic surgeon will also fit me for a recovery bra that looks a bit like a halter top that snaps closed in the front. It has hoops on the side for my drains to cling to, should I still have them. I think it will be looser than then this wide Ace bandage I wear now, which will likely relieve the pressure some too, making breathing easier.

I will sleep well tonight knowing that it’s all gone. No matter how sore my twists and turns are, those little devils have moved out for good.


  1. Sue O'Donovan

    So. Happy. for. YOU.

    Prayers continue for a complete recovery without complications!


  2. June

    Amazing news. So great to hear! Think of you daily. Would love to come for a visit or to help. XOXO

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