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“The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it.”
– C.C. Scott

The zen of being anemic


Being anemic is a bit like wearing a hundred pound body suit around. It’s exhausting. Thankfully, I’ve made it through to the other side of chemo, and feeling less flu-like and more human is helping me appreciate being upright and yet still. I am winded by walking and doing the dishes. Exhausted climbing the stairs. But if I sit in one place, and focus only on single tasks, I feel human again, and for that I am grateful.

This weekend was a hard one. More than 48 hours of the ‘rea. I spent most of the weekend between bathroom and bed. They tell me the effects of chemo are cumulative, and I will have to just succumb to what it is. This too shall pass.

Our family was the recipient of much community spirit this weekend. The girl scouts came to clean out our flower beds for us. Several young woman working towards their silver level badges came over on Sunday, along with their parents, and raked, pulled, blew and bagged leaves and weeds. It was a beautiful afternoon, warm and sunny, and they were so generous with their time and talents. Our family – minus me – was able to help get in on the acdtion and much was done in a very short period of time. Thank you to the Lavaty’s and the other girls who were so kind and generous. You did a wonderful job. Very much appreciated.


To add to the beauty of the season our backyard neighbors brought over matching planters for the front stoop. Nothing brightens your day like surprise flowers in ever bloom. Thank you Matericks. Gorgeous.


My ocho loves pulled off another massage party fund raiser in my honor. A day at the spa was had by many – thanks to the hosts – the Kostecki’s – all the participants – and of course Heidi – the fabulous masseuse who puts everyone she touches at ease. I was unable to partake due to my chemo recovery – but this beautiful spa basket arrived filled with love letters and more from all who were there. Thank you all for your generosity – and such kind words. Hoping I don’t embarrass a certain freshman – who’s poetic note touched my heart. What a guy.



And of course, what’s a birthday without a few birthday presents? If you haven’t been to Aly’s Gluten Free Bakery in Hinsdale YOU ARE MISSING OUT. My dynamic duo colleagues of TTT & CAS at Forethought Marketing were kind enough to send me out for some birthday bakery treats – and holygoodnessofbakedgoods – GO THERE. I got a little bit of everthing – breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Chris and Gretch sent over a big, glorious, fruitful box of Navarro wines. And though I cannot partake today, there will be clinking in my very near future. Lots, and lots of clinking! Smooch! Thank you!!


We are just getting our schedules straight for all that happens to us in May. Organizing kids, classes, meetings, surgeries and more. A special thanks to everyone helping us juggle this big circus performance – no matter what it throws at us – we have been blessed with an unbelievable bounty of friends and family with no shortness of extra limbs and hands.

Here’s hoping there’s nothing to report until May. SMOOCH.

PS: Thanks for all the rage on the DMV. Though I appreciate the sentiment, they are each suffering their own little demons without my help. I’ll give ’em a hall pass.

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