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“The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it.”
– C.C. Scott

Happy Birthday to me!


What a fantastic day. It started with orchids and bouquets from the kids and big home-cooked breakfast from Bill. A sweet stop in from Susan and beautiful plum tulips. Michelle picked me up for my pre-treatment day at Oak Park Rush. Had an echocardiogram to check for damage to my heart from the HER+ drug herceptin. Found no evidence of compromise. Phew. Dropped of the 24 hour urine labs and had my port accessed and blood drawn.

Michelle and I met Heather Nelson for lunch at Kyber Pass Indian buffet. Delish. Heather brought a beautiful bouquet. We had a lovely long lunch and talked hours away.

I returned home to find Liz and plum orchids. Lots of birthday cards and well wishes. Michelle unleashed a price find of skeins of yarn and more than a dozen sets of needles in big chunky sizes – super fab gift.

We ordered a sushi dinner for all at night, and I headed over to Nelly’s for some much needed Ocho love after that ridiculous show of ignorance at the DMV. We made marginally good purple bunny martinis, macaroons and lots of other yummies. I stayed WAY past my bedtime for my early morning wake up for round 5 – but it was well worth it.

So much love and friendship all around. From all the facebook messages to all the special people who found me for my big 44 – thank you for making it so special.



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