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“The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it.”
– C.C. Scott

The day after round 4


Our friends and neighbors are sending messages in the sand from their beach vacation, far far away. Bill and I are enjoying the quiet. Kids are on the east coast visiting our young cousins in Boston. Took a very late flight but woke up to donuts and high energy excitement. Some photos of their adventure follow. It’s spring break for them this week, and they’ve spent most of it just playing with friends, getting hair cuts and cleaning their rooms. This is such a welcome distraction. We won’t see them back here until Monday – plenty of time for me to recover from this weekends pile of ick I have to endure.





I also received a nice note from Aunt Heidi in WVA and well wishes from my Uncle Jim in Sheboygan. And am expecting a visit from my Auntie Jana and Uncle Brad on their way back to Krumlov, Czech Republic tomorrow. All the text messages from friends and family too – And MY DAD learned to FACETIME. Hell might just freeze over yet. Well rounded love for Infusion 4 from all over the place.

And today’s special thank you shout out to CAS for the plum tulips. I’ve been so tempted to buy some myself, recently, you just read my mind. Reminded of the time Connie sent that bushel of tulips to me after we clinched a client – remember that?? Too bad the designs scratched his desk and the whole job went to pot. But the flowers were FANTASTIC. Go big or go home. You are the best.


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