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“The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it.”
– C.C. Scott

Four in the books


Today was flawless. They upped my steriods to avoid the reaction to Taxotere – and it worked prefectly. They also upped the initial intake of benedryl. So I was really loopy and terrific company in the “pod” today. I sit in basically a oversized recliner. They preload me with 3-4 drugs to counteract side effects – for ‘rea, puking, reactions and the steriod. Each individully. Then I receive and hour each of the two chemo drugs – Taxotere and Carboplatin. After that I get two HER+ attack drugs – Pertuzmab and Herceptin. Then we bolted.

I wore my harley ass kickers, to get the job done.


Here’s the tower of the cool aid infusions:


My view from the barcalounger:


At this moment, I’m all jacked up on the extra steriods. Felling fine. We’re on our way to send the kids off to Boston. I hope it’s flawless as well, though we’ve seen snow flakes.

Dinner tonight was from my cousins, The Nelson’s who live in the city. Thanks so much, Cindy, Dave and all. It was nice to check it off the list without ever thinking about. Bill and I will survive.


Michelle, who has come with me for all of this nonsense just returned from Belize on a school trip to scuba dive and see the fishes. She brought me a lovely collection of danglies and some gentleman. Also worry dolls to put under my pillow to take my cares away.


Inside the magic Ocho box from Miss Blair – a fantastic writing pad and pencil bag. I love it. Watch out for little notes of friendship in my thank you cards to come.


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  1. Janet

    Great to hear good results on mammogram and ultrasound!

    You look great! Stay strong!

    Cheering you on over here as you continue to kick Cancers ass!

    Love ya! ❤ ❤

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