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“The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it.”
– C.C. Scott



I went in today to drop of my labs, have my port opened, blood drawn and have a mid-way look at how things are going. I had a mammogram and an ultrasound of the various areas affected on the right side – essentially the primary tumor and the malignant lymph nodes. Though slight, the tumors are shrinking. The original lymph node I found all those months ago, the one that started this journey, began as 1.2 centimeters and is now 1.03 cm. One of the original lymph nodes they couldn’t find at all. Not sure if it’s too small, shrunk or ultrasound technology isn’t sophisticated enough.

To be honest, I had know idea what to expect today. I’m thankful it shrunk, obviously I’d prefer it were gone completely, but all things in good time. The radiologist shared with me the process for surgery. After my last chemo, when I am feeling better – probably a week after infusion – I will have an MRI, with follow up ultrasound to “tag” (leave dye or marker) on the various nodes they want to remove, that are outside of the breast itself. Then we will all meet together – the surgeon, the radiologist, Bill, my dad and myself to choose a surgery path. Granted, that’s all assuming the affected areas have shrunk to everyone’s liking. If not, there could be more chemo rounds before this next phase launches.

I go in tomorrow, very early, for round 4. I will be online much of the time, working, while the poison flows. Michelle is coming to sit with me. My brother, Caleb, will receive the kids in Boston tomorrow night for a long weekend with his family. It’s the kids’ spring break this week, and they are anxious to get on the plane and get out of dodge. Bill has Friday off and will help me through the icky parts of this journey over the weekend.

These last three weeks have been relatively uneventful, in terms of side effects. No rash. No bad ‘rea. Nothing to report in terms of new side effects.

We did have a great visit with my cousin Sue and her daughter Wynn last weekend. Went to the Museum of Science and Industry, and some cocktails and played lots of yahtzee. Was great to forget about all the shit going on around me and just laugh. It was fantastic. I had a very powerful reiki session with Kory on Sunday night that left us both in tears. Perhaps some anxiety about today’s results, and some pent up worries released. I don’t spend a lot of time worrying, but these energy healings always bring me to tears.

So many lovely surprises have come our way.

Yesterday a new friend of mine, Mary, brought parking stickers for Rush – very timely – and really helpful. Thank you.


My Aunt Kathy sent this lovely necklace. Flip flops. My favorite.


My colleague Beth sent a beautiful silk scarf from Anthropologie.


A fantastic goodie bag from our neighbors, the O’Briens. Really thoughful – I especially like the Be Brave bracelet.


And this last one is for tomorrow. My favorite moms, my partners in all things questionable, have taken turns spoiling me on each of my treatment days with bags filled with surprises. This one has been tempting me for days, as Blair is on vacation this week and brought it early. Something to look forward to tomorrow. Ocho love.


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