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“The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it.”
– C.C. Scott

Out and about


With my back heeled, and the worst of the side affects past me, we had a night on the town to support our school. I found a fancy helmet, wore lots of extra make up to fill in my eyebrows and eyelashes and really had a nice time. Though I tire so easily, and can’t seem to quench my thirst ever, it was nice to be out.




I’m hopeful the next 10 days are without incident. We’re getting ready for baseball season here – B ball for Ray Ray and softball for Madiboo. The balmy weather helps. Day light savings today – longer nights of kids playing outside. Bring it.

My cousins Joe and Annie sent a beautiful care package with a nice, new, soft hat and shawl. And my second mom growing up, Sharon, sent this lovely jewelry set, with beautiful, cool stones. Love it. Thank you.




  1. Sue O'Donovan

    You. Look. Awesome!

    I think about you and say a prayer daily that this journey culminates in your complete recovery. Be well.


  2. Gretchen Moore

    Jeni Moore – you look fabulous! Only you could find an accessory so perfect – I love it! Thinking of you always:-) xx-G

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