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love + light

“The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it.”
– C.C. Scott

It’s gonna be okay

I’m out from the dark side, again. Beautiful, warm sunshine here today. Birds chirping everywhere. Little signs of spring all around.

Dad is heading home from Texas this week. Will be back in the great white north by this weekend. I asked him to be part of our upcoming surgery conversations, help us make good choices, and understand the impact of those choices. Will have an ultrasound on the 23rd to see how the tumor is responding. It feels different to me now. I couldn’t find it, originally, without one arm up over my head. Now it’s much easier with my arm down. Though the shape and texture are different, now. Surely has something to do with weight loss, combined with the steady stream of toxins flowing through my veins.

The new ‘rea drugs are helping. Started taking them much sooner this time, and has made this bout of aftermath less of an urgency, for which I am thankful.

The Moore aunties are in Vietnam now, on a tour. They lit incense in my honor, and surely for David and Cindy’s, too, as we’ve all been on up hill battles of late. I love this photo Joann sent. Looks like a painting. Can’t quite tell up from down. Sorta like chemo.


Their note reminded me to juice up my diffuser – not sure if you can see the stream of vapors – the scent is an anxiety relief combo from Janet – fills the room with something extraordinary – like I’m someplace else.


At the new year, Uncle Brad told me he rang the bells of the tower for me. He retired to Krumlov, Czech Republic a year or two ago, and has been Brad of Krumlov, a majestic medieval village, ever since. Ringing in the new year. To good health. So far in this journey I didn’t choose I have stayed closer to family far and wide, reconnected with friends new and old and am grateful for how powerful those relationships are. I didn’t hear the bells. But I felt it. I didn’t light the incense, but I can smell it.


With luck you can hear them…

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