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“The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it.”
– C.C. Scott

Bracing for impact from Round 3


Feeling pretty good today. Have a new arsenal of medications to keep up with. The doctors were kind enough to give me something for my pulled muscle, which worked like a charm, and I’m moving about again without too many groans.

Once the nulasta shot injects this afternoon I’ll be down for the count. This is the white blood cell booster I wear on my arm. Immediately following that injection I slide down hill for a few days. Here’s hoping it’s short and sweet.

I was blessed with more care packages and cards last night and today, and special help from friends with the kids – rides and playdates for their afternoon off. Bill and I appreciate everyone extending a hand to us as we juggle my ups and downs. I can’t drive for 3 days following treatment. I’m a little shaky and don’t feel comfortable behind the wheel. But it hasn’t affected the kids schedules thanks to so many good friends and neighbors. Thank you.

Special thanks to my Rev it Up leader, Kris and her family, for the Life is Good plum box of fun.


And my long time colleague and friend Kelly for the beautiful sweater and perfectly timed heating pad filled essential oil aroma. My back can’t think you enough. It’s perfect.


Jenn sent over the perfect crochet plum helmet!


And Brendy, Shelly and Monty brought Indian food and recipes to the door. The house has never smelled better than when Indian food is what’s cooking.


An aloe plant from Liz and the good vibe bamboo from SusieQ.


Personalized plum stationery from my love, Rachel.


A combo shot of the cute earrings from Miss Jeanne, the plum scarf from Kris and Kelly’s super soft chenille sweater.


And, last, but certainly not least, my wall of kind words, prayers, short stories and all of the drawings and knock, knock jokes that I see everyday – and expands daily. Thank you all so much for reaching out. Every bit of encouragement refuels me.


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