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“The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it.”
– C.C. Scott

HER+ 30+ years after my mom was diagnosed…


My diagnosis is nearly 32 after my mother’s. Medicine has changed leaps and bounds, to be sure. Some things are still the same, but some things have become mini miracles. For instance, I receive a drug called Nuelesta (a white blood cell booster) 27 hours after my last chemo drip stops. They attach it to my arm, inject it, and I wear this little box around until the day after treatment, it beeps, depletes over 45 minutes, and turns green when it’s over. And I throw it in the trash. It used to be that patients had to go back in the next day to get a shot. Not all that long ago either. So convenient. I would have killed someone today if they made go back in.

I follow several breast cancer and cleaning eating blogs related to my diagnosis. This article came up today, and it’s really well done. I am HER2+. Only 20% of people are. It used to be the kiss of death. And in a study over the last 30 years they’ve found this gene type “deemed the enemy” and found ways to attack it specifically. I’m on Herceptin. And Pertuzumab. Both targeted treatments (non-chemo) for HER2+. Two key players in my #fuckcancer strategy.

I’m not saying its a good time to have cancer. But there seem to be a lot of positive things happening that are in my (and everyone else in my shoe’s) favor. I don’t know what kind of cancer my mom had. All I do know is that she was so brave. And so young. And she persevered with grace – lived life with such spirit. If she can do it, I can do it, too. Plus, these docs have 30 more years under their belts. Yay science!

Today’s special thanks goes out to Heather and Sue for these beautiful hand-dyed head scarfs that showed up today. Love them. And my neighbor Jenn sent over these sweet feet treats. Thank you.


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  1. blair ciecko

    They do know so much more than they used to and it’s to the benefit of people like you! Another great entry. Hugs.

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