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“The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it.”
– C.C. Scott

Exercise and appetite


“You’ll feel better inside,” the front door says. Indeed, they are right. Today was my first exercise class at the Wellness House. Myself and 8 other survivors did 30 minutes of cardio, and 30 minutes of weight lifting, with good music, and lots of smiles and laughs – welcoming me with open arms. It was fantastic. They were very encouraging, commenting that they wished they had exercised during treatment, so they felt less depleted when it finished. And with that, I will go again on Wednesday. Classes are offered everyday, some drop in, some with registration. All free and all so helpful. Next week there is an evening course on managing aches and pains through exercise. And a course on reducing the effects of lymphedema – the swelling of your arms – which can happen with the removal of lymph nodes – something I will have to have done eventually. I’m going to try to make them both.

Super bowl Sunday brought the Mizwicki’s – also on a journey of clean eating – to our house for the game. We made Mexican quinoa – a family favorite – and pico de gallo, home made salsa, fajita style vegetables, shrimp and steak tacos and a cabbage salsa that were all fantastic. Links below to those recipes. Janet gave me some wonderful essential oils for my diffuser and roll ons that smell amazing. Was our first quiet Super Bowl in some years, but it was perfect, and such a nice treat to have them over.

I am feeling great. Took a long walk in the woods with “my girl friday,” Miss Jeanne on Saturday morning. We haven’t been able to see each other, as she’s been ill. With my immune system being pulverized by chemo, I can’t afford any extra germs. It can be a bit isolating, but Saturday was a treat. Breakfast at Prasino – our local farm, grass-fed, cage-free, cater to vegan restaurant was the icing on the cake. Thank you, Miss Flynn. Was a highlight.

The gestures of love and support are endless, I am so grateful. My niece and nephews sent awesome valentine drawings, my cousin-in-law sends notes and jokes regularly – thanks Annie, lip balm for my ridiculously continuous chapped lips – thanks Kory, a surprise bag of quesy pops from my friend Donna who runs past my house everyday – SMOOCH, and a pair of earrings from Katie – who also sent an unbelievable gift box early on – my college girls are going to be together this coming weekend and I can’t attend – so my goodies were sent here instead. This is the one biggest bummer in all this, I can’t always be with my people. But goodness, I never realized how many amazing, generous, loving, supportive people I surround myself with. I am humbled. My cup runneth over. Again, and again.

Mexican Quinoa:

One Pan Mexican Quinoa

Shrimp with cabbage slaw:








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  1. Janet

    So happy to see that you enjoyed your class Monday, and met some other wonderful women that will be able to support you this this journey of kicking cancers ass.

    Loved spending time with the Waliewski family for the Super Bowl, and the food was wonderful, thank you!

    Keep that positive attitude, you look great! Love ya!

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