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“The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it.”
– C.C. Scott

Day Four

All and all the side effects haven’t been bad. A bit of indigestion, but very minor. Yesterday didn’t turn out quite how I had planned – I scaled way back – didn’t get to see my little monster Monty after all, turns out I needed a 3 hour nap instead. I suspect this is how it will continue, in waves of commitment and completion. Obviously only able to handle what we really feel we must.

I spent this morning with the fine folks at the Wellness Center in Hinsdale. I was able to find/get a wig from American Cancer Society, which is cute and will be very helpful. I’m more brown than gray – a pleasant reality. I took a facility tour after the fitting – exercise, reiki, massage, cooking, support and mental health courses are all available to me, and my support team. It’s a very cool place, very fortunate indeed to live so close. They offer some makeup and skin care classes I signed up for, and a series of cooking courses on embracing plant based diets that starts Thursday.

A little less of the metal taste today. A lot more ginger tea – someone sent a case of it via Amazon – THANK YOU. The homemade goodies have been wonderful – soups / fruit / sweets – all of the well wishes are overwhelming. We feel the positive energy all around us. Even the simple little text messages of encouragement – We’re grateful to have so many who care so much.

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