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“The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it.”
– C.C. Scott

Curing concoctions


Home and happy. Bill and I were in for only 3.5 hours today, just for the chemo treatment and a few precautions – benedryl, antacid and something else for nausea. We had a little fun with some of the clever distractions sent our way, to pass the time.

The incision site and port insertion wounds look fantastic. Though more visible than I thought it would be, it’s very close to the skin surface, a low dome, and just a tad sore. So much better than with all that tape everywhere. Ice is keeping the pain at bay. The port is under the bandaid. The white bandages are the insertion site and vein site.

While we drove away I was barely able to keep my eyes open. After a solid two hour nap, I woke with insatiable thirst – normal I’m told – cracked open a mango and a tall glass of water and that did the trick. The kids picked out some hard candies for me, and a beautiful bouquet to brighten and lighten the air.

Now I only have to manage the side affects until the next infusion date – Feb. 11th – for which I have an arsenal for everything from cracked lips to bed spins. Likely tomorrow night I will feel the effects, which are slightly delayed. And the worst of it should be over in a couple of days, giving me plenty of time to rebuild, get stronger, make new blood cells over the next 3 weeks. Somewhere between now and my second date with the devil, I will lose my hair. All of my hair. Everywhere. On. My. Body.

Breath in. Breath out.

It is such a relief to finally be here. Nearly 2 months from the day I found the lump, but well on my way to a better place – and everyone / everything is falling nicely into place.

Grateful. So very grateful.

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  1. TTT

    Oh, JMo! So much of this is just so painfully familiar. But you’re right on … they’ve got a drug for EVERYTHING and hopefully your oncologist told you if what she (she?) gave you doesn’t work, there’s something else out there that will work. One of Car’s meds caused hiccups — mad, crazy, damn-near violent hiccups. But they had a drug for that too (Bacloven).

    I’m glad treatment has started and that you are – and will continue to be – supported by so many that love you.


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