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“The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it.”
– C.C. Scott

Port and Treat(ment)


I arrived early, had some blood drawn, and the prepped for the port-insertion surgery. I was out (asleep) in seconds, don’t remember anything from the oxygen insertion until they woke me up.

The 1 hour surgery ended up being 2.5 hours, because as the Dr. said, my vascular ultrasound turned out to be false advertising and they had to go with a work around through my neck vein. I was up right away afterward – with the good news that the chemo drugs had been approved by insurance and we were off to the races.

The bad news is that I got to the chemo suite too late to start chemo itself. My treatment contains two non-chemos we did today, I have to come back tomorrow for the toxic shit.

My regime is: Taxetere and Carboplatin for chemo and Herceptin and Pertuzumab (Perjeta) for the HER+ receptor targeted attack. Plus there are all those other drugs I need for any and all side effects, which vary widely and don’t happen to all.

So, after tomorrow’s infusion I should feel the effects, they say, sometime Friday night. We shall see. I’ll be hard pressed to feel anything with the kit of cocktails they are sending me home with. Susan brought me down today (THANK YOU). Bill met me after the surgery and stayed with me for lunch and Michelle came to relieve Bill and bring me back to beautiful Western Springs.

So far, so good, for this first day of adventures. Feeling loved. And for that, grateful.

FYI: in lieu of explaining the Stage II vs IIIa here’s what they gave me, that’s all I’ve got.



  1. blair ciecko

    You are truly loved my friend. As usual, great entry and filled with detail. Hugs and good thoughts for tomorrow.

  2. Janet

    The countdown begins, you are already a winner! Will keep you in our prayers! Sending lots of love!

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