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“The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it.”
– C.C. Scott

Prep work for game time


A long day.

Blood work, kidney test, vascular ultrasound, ECHO cardio gram, port-a-cath surgery prep meeting and chemo class with new binder.

Exhausting. Only new news is they upgraded (???) my tumor to Stage 3(A). I’ll explain later.

Have all the prescriptions in hand and will be enroute to the port surgery in the early morning. Then whisked off to chemo for the balance of the day.

Here’s to steady hands, curing concoctions and subtle side affects, friends.

Bracing for impact.



  1. TTT

    Neulasta! We remember it well! Most of the other stuff is a mystery (different regimen for B-cell ALL).I hate that you have to go through this, but I know that you’ll wreck the mess that is cancer. So much love from our house to yours. TTT

  2. Damon

    Jenn sent me your blog address this morning. So today is my first day stalking/journey-ing with you. I’m “all in” for the ride. Let me know if you need anything, anytime.

    I took most of those meds. Ativan (injected) was one of my faves although you are supposed to take it 45 minutes BEFORE you get nauseated.

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