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“The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it.”
– C.C. Scott

January 6, 2016

All the insurance is cleared up, sparkling new and ACCEPTED at Rush. Today was the MRI and biopsy to seek the primary source of the cancer. We ruled out that it was anywhere other than the breast with the CT and Bone scans. So now the MRI will give us a more detailed picture of what is inside me. They’ll use this to core biopsy the mystery grey space that Dr. F went after, but came up benign. They took 7 or 8 samples of the 5 cm mass they found on the MRI. They also sampled a lymph node outside of the breast tissue to make certain nothing moved out of the breast area. They left another tag in the spot they sampled, Dr. F also left one behind. So now we’ll know where everyone’s been.

And, again, we wait. We’re hoping they got something, so we can name it, figure out what kills it, mix that cocktail up and get on with this circus act.

We are meeting with my team of doctors on the 13th to determine the path of treatment, and next steps. We’ll also talk to a genetics counselor, Kelly, on the CHEK2 gene mutation I carry (I got results back before the new year – No BRCA 1/2 but yes to CHEK2 – google it). They’ll also show us the MRI and explain what they saw, etc. I missed the radiologist who read my MRI when I was in the biopsy suite, and didn’t get a chance to see what that looked liked. I want to see it. Though I do have a fine collection of CDs of my insides, should anyone be interested.

Results are due on Monday. More waiting.

Here’s hoping it’s plain vanilla. Hoping to start treatment soon.

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