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“The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it.”
– C.C. Scott

December 22, 2015

After a bunch of back and forth, changing insurance and long wait times, I decide to get the CT and Bone scan done off site with my existing insurance. My dad is coming to town to fly out to see Caleb, so he can take me up to Des Plains for the tests.

The CT scan is fine, flat bed, big tube, lasts only a few minutes.

Dad and I find a fantastic Greek restaurant on Golf Road – Omega – and eat big. We have an hour between scans.

The Bone scanner looks like a human panini press. Not as much fun. The technician, Maria, is great. Has 3 kids too, same ages as ours. She’s making Pernil for Chrismas eve – my dad’s favorite – a Puerto Rican pork leg – we talk about our nanny Marta and her Puerto Rican rice dish with the peas – this lady is half Mexican and Puerto Rican so her palate is fantastic. By the last minutes of the test, with tears streaming down my face – talking about my kids and Christmas – holy shit get me out of this contraption – she’s hugging me and praying.

Human beings sure are amazing. She was a life saver.

We leave and I’m a bit confused about what happens next. Leave word with Nurse Megan. Go home. Open wine.

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