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“The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it.”
– C.C. Scott

December 10, 2015

Michelle and I meet with Dr. M (surgeon) at Rush University Medical Center on Wednesday. She’s petite, direct and vivacious. I like her. This is the gal Dr. F wants me to see. “She’s cool, you’ll dig her.” He’s right. Feels right. The room is purple. A good sign.

Turns out my insurance sucks, and they won’t accept it. They offer me a counselor to help navigate insurance. We make a game plan for needed tests – CT and Bone scans, blood work for kidneys and liver. Michelle takes notes. I get naked, they do another exam. Yep. Lump. Still there. Damn.

I’ll have a nurse, Megan, throughout my journey, for questions.

We leave feeling good. Hungry. Lunch time. Jeanne said Honey something Cafe. It’s perfect. Shelly brought games to play and we lose focus in learning something new.

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